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Tales from the road.

It is a pivotal time for us all to ask important questions about the future of our world.

Why I choose not to take a Covid-19 "vaccine"

Is the vaccine for Covid-19 actually a "vaccine" as it doesn't seem to prevent people getting the disease or spreading it. We don't know its long term effects and the technology being used has never been used before and is now being imposed on the world's population. Should be questioning this?

The Only Solution? What about Natural Immunity

Originally written in April 2020 the apparent imperative need for a vaccine needs to be challenged as six months later the numbers don't justify the money invested in a vaccine solution

Do the Numbers Justify Locking Down the World

This was in April. Fast forward six months and the song remains the same
Deep Thoughts on freedom
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We are living in times where getting objective news is becoming harder.

Latest opinions from the British Propaganda Corporation

Can we trust antything the mainstream media says now

The Possible Origins of Sars-Cov-2

This has become a very hot topic politically as well as medically.

Oxford University/AstraZeneca Vaccine Trials expanding into Kenya

Kenya is now participating in  one of the world's front runner vaccine trials.
Deep Thoughts on freedom