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Covid19 and Politics
Covid19 and Politics

It is a pivotal time for us all to ask important questions about the future of our world.

Big Brother in Waiting: The Coming Technocracy

As the COVID19 crisis trundles on, behind the scenes huge plans are being rolled out to create a surveillance culture that will dwarf anything we have seen before, and it will be justified in the name of keeping us safe from COVID19 and future pandemics. These plans involve using all aspects of m...
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Is nearly everybody a 'Conspiracy Theorist' Now in Covid Times?

This has become one of the most commonly used phrases of the COVID era embracing anyone who challenges the mainstream COVID narrative. It is now being used to justify censoring social media platforms, taking down Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts of individuals or groups that gives an altern...
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The role of the liberal media in the times of Covid.

The liberal progressive media like to think they are concerned with a just society, emphasizing social and economic equality, looking after the poor and downtrodden, using the structure of the state to protect to protect civil rights and the right to dissent from any abuse of power in society.
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