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The Search for the Truth in Times of War

  • Teaser: Finding the truth in times of war is not easy. The current situation with the Canadian truckers is one example where this is happening. The Canadian government is portraying them in all sorts of ways, nothing of them positive. The media is doing its best to make the truckers seem extreme when the truth seems to be elsewhere. What is happening is a revolt of working people against abuse of government. Pure and simple. 

The Search for the Truth in times of War:

As the famous saying goes: The first casualty of War is Truth, which is apparently taken from a quote by US Senator Hirram Johnson in 1918, when he said “the first casualty when war comes is truth.”

Well, here we are, trying to figure out the truth and for those who have questioned the covid narrative in the last two years, the extraordinary example of a media run amok has been a sight to see. Blatant censorship, vilification, professional exclusion, the major media companies becoming default policemen over any content that challenges anything not toeing the official line. Suddenly it’s all “fake news”, “conspiracy theories” etc. And don’t mention Joe Rogan! This is what happens in wartime situations. Figuring the truth out has got harder and harder. For those who have chosen, for whatever reason, not to take an experimental drug therapy, have since faced vitriol, condemnation, and much worse, with limits to their fundamental freedoms, loss of jobs and worse. Governments have turned against a significant portion of their own populations and condemned them as 2nd class citizens. Doctors and scientists who have challenged the science, questioned Pfizer’s research, challenged the lack of early treatments, the side-effects of vaccines, the consequences of lockdowns etc., are alienated, censored, lose their medical licence and been unable to do their work. This is extraordinary. This does not happen in normal times, even in pandemics. We are not meant to be at war with our own people but this is what is happening, the consequence of two years of propaganda and relentless manipulation. People have been divided and polarized in order to create maximum conformity and control. This is not conspiracy. Just the facts. The British government hired a marketing company to create the narrative for covid, who admitted to the need to exaggerate fear and anxiety to optimize conformity.

Did it have to come to this? Why are governments and those invested in the vaccine agenda, such as the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes for Health, and the Food and Drug Administration in the USA and equivalent bodies in Europe and elsewhere been so obsessed with the vaccine, to the exclusion of all other options. Why insist on mandates for a vaccine that they now admit doesn’t stop infection or transmission, that seems to only work temporarily - hence the need for endless boosters – and that for the majority of younger and healthy people, including children, for God sake, does not offer much threat at all. There is no scientific evidence to back up the justification for mandates and restrictions based on the necessity of the vaccine to prevent further spread of Covid-19. The façade has been revealed and admitted to and yet we see in Canada today, a Prime Minister and government vilifying working, ordinary Canadians for simply using their democratic right to tell the government that, in their opinion, it has gone too far and is dividing the country.

What is the response from the Prime Minister and much of the media in Canada and also globally to this extraordinary protest? Lies, propaganda, manipulation and all the tactics used in a war time situation to demonize the “enemy”, whether a foreign and domestic enemy. I don’t use the word enemy lightly here, but to the Prime Minister of Canada, these people who were previously heroes are now the enemy. But what is extraordinary is that it is revealing, perhaps more clearly than ever before, how truly out of touch a government can be and how cynical and transparently corrupt much of the media is in attempting to portray normal people as somehow “deviant”, when all they are doing is saying – “we have had enough of a government using this situation to impose unnecessary restrictions on normal democratic principles, the foundations of normal democratic society. We want to talk about how our country should be and how we can back to normal life.” It seems 54% of Canadians now want an end of the Covid restrictions. Does Trudeau care?

What has Justin Trudeau and the media said in response the truckers in the Freedom Convoy:

“They are a few people in Ottawa….. disinformation, misinformation, conspiracy theorists… tin foil hats…”

“Nazism symbolism, racist imagery and desecration of a war memorial…. is an insult to memory and truth. Hate can never be the answer. We are not intimidated at those who hurl insults at small business workers and steal food from the homeless. We won’t give in to those who fly racist flags. We won’t cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonour the memory of our veterans.” “Anyone who joined the convoy….. but who is rightly uncomfortable with the symbols…… join with fellow Canadians,…be courageous and speak. Do not stand for intolerance and hate.”

How can Trudeau say this? Apparently, a Nazi flag was on display in a nearby fancy hotel, frequented by journalists and others. Who put it there? Who knows and how is this representative of the truckers? And the so called confederate flag being flown…. One person, in a mask, who was soon told to take it down…. Another silly false flag thing. What has the confederate flag to do with Canada or Covid mandates. That now makes the truckers somehow racist? Go figure.

Trudeau said how he has been to Black Lives Matter demonstrations but he won’t go to events that promote “hateful rhetoric and violence toward citizens…”

Media reports said that “there is concern that Russian actors are involved and maybe instigating from the outset.”

Other media talked about the “severe vandalism and desecration of national monuments… and that protesters harassed a soup kitchen, demanding free meals…”these antivaxxers took food from the hungry”.”

The BBC reported on Feb 9th of “arrests as Ottawa warned of ‘volatile’ protesters.” And “Canada trucker’s protest: Patience running thin among local people.” The BBC has not made much news from the Freedom Convoy, even though the images and stories are real news, but as with most mainstream media, their strategy is mostly to ignore it and if need be, occasional comments/headings but always with a negative slant. Even if some commentary is not all negative, the headings mostly are. New Zealand media did the same, even though they were facing their own “anti-vaxx” convoy in Wellington. It is impressive how consistent much of the legacy/mainstream media has been in Covid times. A testament perhaps to the degree of global control now achieved over the media.

The so-called desecration of statues didn’t happen. A cap was put on one, wrapped in a Canadian flag and a placard saying “mandate freedom”. This is not desecration. The food stealing accusation was yet another example of this manipulation. Free food was given to everyone there by Canadians. It was given to truckers as much as anyone else. They didn’t steal from anyone. By the way, Police confiscated gas bottles given to truckers to heat their cabs for themselves and families. They arrested people helping the truckers survive in sub-zero temperatures. Who are the hateful ones now? The accusation of a desecration of a war memorial actually had a woman simply shouting freedom and waving at the tomb to the unknown soldier. Nothing was desecrated.

Why is this so important now? Because we are at a point where the Covid narrative is falling apart. The vaccines don’t work very well and are not safe. More and more side effects are being seen. Vaccine mandates and restrictions to basic liberties are looking all the more empty and desperate, and governments seem obsessed with simply imposing control and pushing vaccine passes and digital IDs, which some have said was the point all along. This is what the European Union is doing right now. But governments, especially like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Italy, France etc., that have imposed severe limits on a significant percentage of their own population are continually facing resistance. People have not capitulated and this is seen most profoundly and movingly in Canada now with the Freedom Convoy. It is unfortunate that many in the traditional liberal left are not supporting them more, but as has been seen throughout the Covid-19 crisis, the left are mostly missing in action, or actively identifying with the cult of lockdown culture.

This is truly a class struggle in the real meaning of the word. A struggle of ordinary, working people, who have no real political agenda and do not represent any particular faction, party or group. It is a true uprising and solidarity of people simply addressing abuses of power by government and other elites who have benefitted from the crisis and continue to do so. It is the poorer, working folk across the world that have paid the price for covid lockdowns and other restrictions. Most of the truckers are vaccinated but they are resisting mandates on everybody. The unvaccinated have been blamed unfairly for continuing the pandemic but now its about fundamental liberties and government abuse. What we are seeing in the behaviour of Trudeau and the Canadian political culture, as has been seen in many other countries is the end point of political systems rotten to the core. Trudeaus’ behaviour, similar to many others, including President Macron of France is one of disdain and alienation for the average working man and woman, a “let them eat cake” mentality that only reveals their shallow, hollow morality and profound compromise of all normal human values. They simply parrot lies and propaganda, tropes taken from the World Economic Forum and other elite cabals. Their game is over. It is just a matter of time, but they represent a deeper malaise in the global body politic and the creaking carcass of a broken financial and economic system.

The symbolism therefore of the Canadian truckers and other Canadians, including many doctors and scientists, bravely standing up to power and with all the dignity in the world, is to give hope to all and whatever happens, is a testament to what is possible when ordinary people come together. They represent the millions across the world who are willing to protect their fundamental rights and the dignity of being able to work, to support one’s family and to stand up for what they believe in, who show true patriotism in defending their country from an out-of-control political system and abusive, narcissistic leader who cares nothing about his own people.