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Deconstructing the News part 4

  • Teaser: More excellent newsfeeds from my friends. A great resource quoting from many sources


Our oppressors will answer for this - we have to believe it.

For those of us who live sheltered, privileged, pensioned, lives, this may seem to verge on the apocalyptic. For the largely forgotten millions who lived lonely and often miserable lives during lock downs ( where is any proof that ‘lock downs’  did any good ? ) and those who have lost jobs and may lose their businesses, or their health, and who have faced unpleasant comments and insinuations from family and friends and employers, what of them ?             Turn the other cheek ? 



A Hasidic Rabbinical court in NY rules  :  

Restriction of liberties etc.

HART update

BMJ rr. re Facebook’s attempt to restrict access to the recent BMJ article alleging  Pfizer vaccine trial ‘misbehaviour’ .    Sign of the times.

BMJ News

“  NHS hospitals across the UK are creating extra bed capacity to relieve ongoing operational pressures from covid-19 and to tackle the growing backlog in elective care.”

No mention of the potential role of antivirals to reduce those “ pressures from covid -19” .

Maybe we will hear  a little more when the two ‘new’ patented antivirals are released, to media frenzy and hype ?

BMJ News

Covid-19: Germany’s doctors call for clear rules to “break chains of infection” as cases soar

See last paras- mentioning Drosten- the man behind adapting the PCR test for covid, and always in Fuellmich’s sights ?


Time to sell your pharma shares ? 

Natural vs vaccine immunity : ICAN vs CDC.       (ditto)

BMJ rr.   John Stone.     ‘Physician heal thyself .’

BMJ. rr.   ? Mandatory vaccs for NHS staff.  ( Dr B states the obvious, which we have to assume is not obvious to others.)

BMJ rr  Cost vs safety and effectiveness.                             Molnupiravir  vs Vitamin D.

David Grimes tries to rediscover the common sense that has been buried beneath ….  His last para is particularly interesting.


Anna De Buisseret.      ( from CMN below )

De Buisseret gave an update on court cases regarding children and serving notice of liabilities to schools and others involved in facilitating, promoting or injecting children with an experimental novel genetic treatment: “the person who is injecting someone is committing the actual act.  Anyone who’s: facilitating that, promoting it, marketing it – is aiding and abetting.  If they’re silent they are complicit,” she said.

“Hold the line. Stand your ground. Step into your sovereignty because this is all just a matter of time. These measures are illegal unlawful and unethical, immoral.  They will not stand up to court’s scrutiny around the world. They might get away with it in certain jurisdictions but there are countries running these cases all around the world. We are going to get the right results. So be patient. Be patient. Hold the line,” De Buisseret said

Covid Medical Network update .                                                                                                                      

The Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal

 “ ..fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts..”