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Deconstructing the News part 2

  • Teaser: More summaries of the news and comments from various sources from my esteemed colleague. 


1. Up to 8,000 employees of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesotta, USA are refusing to be vaccinated and may lose their jobs under President Biden's vaccine mandates.

How soon will we see this in the UK?

Or Denmark?

2. The 5G cellphone issue continues to move on under the surface.

3. The Daily Sceptic. Infection rates higher in the vaccinated ?  That question is not encouraged  - soon it may not be permitted .

4. BMJ. News

How bad is the UK’s covid situation ?

5. BMJ. rr.   Re types of immunity.  Simple ?  - and no links/refs !

Age of Autism

Autism and vaccination status.    Another comparison.


7. TCW. Kathy Gyngell writes on the Israel experience -  not the Israel experience that our media wish to mention.

A video from Israel follows. What  chance of our public/professional media acknowledging any of this ?

8. Pfizer Vax Immunity Waned in Israel, Regardless of Age

9. BMJ  Editorials

Safety and efficacy of antivirals against SARS-CoV-2

This was not externally peer reviewed, not that it would make much difference. A remarkable achievement to write all this and not mention those cheap safe generic drugs that have transformed the Xovid scene in many countries where they have been used. Not to forget the possible /likely mutagenicity of Molnuparvir, (the new but untested anti-viral drug with no peer review done but still being licensed for use)

10. BMJ rr  re costs of test and trace.

Would it have been noticed if the £37billion had disappeared down a drain, rather than into the pockets of “2000 management consultants/contractors “ ?

Compare other salaries, as the calm and informed writer does.

11. DS.   Reports on new Lancet paper from Sweden.


1. The Amish and covid.     Please watch the short video. It might make you feel quite happy.

2. Dr Peter McCullough on early treatment ( nearly always in the community ) of covid.

A short straight forward video. PMcC et al are doing, very effectively and relatively cheaply, what the BMJ editorial mentioned above, yesterday, managed not to know anything about. They ( BMJ et al ) would rather everyone waited for the “new” ,expensive, and possibly dangerous two drugs mentioned in the editorial. Such drugs would of course add considerably to pharma income.  PMcC’s protocols rely on largely cheap well used generics, with experience of safe use, in millions/billions of people, over decades.

3. The Guardian.  “Jabs do not reduce risk of passing Covid within household, study suggests.  “

Nothing strange here - the Lancet article repeated what Boris Johnson and other experts have recently  been obliged to  divulge, very quietly.  What is strange is that this story appeared in The Guardian, house magazine of the vaccine industry. Are we being prepared for some other bad news - maybe the MHRA figures for deaths and ADRs post covid vaccine will be made generally available, in a years time  ?