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Has the Covid-19 vaccine worked?

  • Teaser: Mainstream media has been touting the success of the vaccine campaign which is now focusing on young children as young as 5. But is the vaccine that effective or is any benefit very fleeting. Read and watch this link to explore this more. 

Vaccines: Nearly One year On. Has the Covid-19 vaccine campaign been successful.

The following are some thoughts and conclusions on the impact of the various vaccines, nearly one year since they have been introduced. The following information was extracted from a Youtube video presented by Dr Chris Martenson.

First the conclusions:

  • Current vaccines do not prevent spread of the Delta variant within households (UK Data)
  • Current vaccines drop below the 50% effectiveness barrier within 5 months of infection and 6 months for severe Covid (Swedish data)
  • Men, the elderly and those with comorbidities are higher risk of early drop-off in vaccine effectiveness (Swedish data)
  • Thus, all the main arguments for mandates are not founded on either data or logic.
  • Worse, vaccinated people may falsely believe they are safe, or safer, to others in society than the unvaccinated.
  • Vaccines do not deliver “herd immunity” and may even thwart development of more durable natural immunity (N-protein, UK data). This deserves discussion.

Please watch the following 34 minute video and analyse the information given from current research leading to the above conclusions.