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  • Teaser: Can we trust antything the mainstream media says now

On August 29th in London, around 35,000 people gathered in Trafalgar Square to demonstrate against the UK government’s strategy to deal with the Covid19. A diverse number of people attended and also a few organizations were present, all of whom shared the common concern that the reaction to Covid19, with mandatory lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing and other policies are not following the scientific evidence and are now doing more harm than good. Concern was also expressed that the rush to find a vaccine may result in a dangerous and ill tested vaccine being released, not to mention the extraordinary amount of money being lavished on pharmaceutical companies, who will profit from any vaccine at the taxpayers’ expense.

Similar demonstrations were being held in Berlin and other cities across the world on the same day. The British Propaganda Corporation, however, managed to ignore and avoid reporting on this demonstration until Wednesday September 3rd, when fortunately, their crack Anti-disinformation unit, rolled into action and produced an article, entitled “How Covid-19 myths are merging with QAnon conspiracy theory.”

Conspiracy theories seem to be spreading faster than Covid19 lately as much of the government and corporate funded media, including the BPC, are now seeing conspiracy theories in nearly everything they see and touch. In this article, it stated that “protestors gathered in London on Saturday to hear about a range of coronavirus-related conspiracy theories.” In the article, links were being made between those who support the rather strange ideas of QAnon (an American based online forum that thinks Donald Trump is going to save the world amongst other things) and those people who are simply questioning the covid19 narrative that is being given by governments worldwide.

That narrative includes ideas that:

  • covid19 could kill millions of people (disproved. It mainly kills elderly and weak, all the mathematical predictions were wrong);
  • that lockdown is the only way to suppress infection (disproved. Sweden, Japan and many others didn’t lockdown);
  • that masks are essential (disproved. Even the WHO and many experts say they don’t work);
  • that social distancing is critical (disproved. Especially outside contagion hardly ever occurs);
  • that a vaccine is the only way out of this crisis (questionable. Evidence is already there that the virus is fading and will go of its own, that herd immunity is mostly achieved, that existing treatments can work fine and if you are healthy you don’t need one anyway);
  • that ongoing testing and monitoring is the only way to contain the spread of the virus (disproved. The PCR tests don’t work, the antibody tests don’t last, contact/tracing apps are fraught with problems and also set a terrible precedent to give authorities a permanent monitoring system).
  • That extended lockdown is going to be needed to maintain control of the virus and the economic fall out will only be temporary (disproved. Lockdown is not needed for healthy people and the economies of many countries may never recover. Millions may go hungry and this may permanently destabilize the economy of the whole planet).

Most of the people attending were mostly concerned with these last points, and weren’t thinking much about Donald Trump. However, according to the crack disinformation team, they seem one and the same thing now, as they say “these two ideas are now increasingly coming together, in a grand conspiracy mash-up.”

The article also mentions President Trump’s tweet that was removed by twitter, where he quotes the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that Covid-19 deaths are a small fraction of the official numbers. The BPC forgot to say that it was the CDC saying this and Trump was merely repeating it. What the CDC actually said is that only 6% of all deaths died of Covid19 alone whereas the other 94% had other conditions they died of (whether pre-existing conditions or other complications). Still, worthy of clarification but the crack team of the BPC thought otherwise.

But as the article continues, now there is merging of QAnon types and conspiracy theory anti vaxxer, 5G paranoids, where each can feed their own deluded narratives. This is according to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a crack UK group that focuses on extremism The article does say that some were “presumably drawn by legitimate concerns about mental health, the economy, criticism of government policy or by questions about still-evolving science.” But, the article says, this was a small minority of what was discussed by the speakers at the demonstration. The article then quotes from the organization, Hope, Not Hate, that tracks far-right and conspiracy movements, saying that these conspiracy groups are spreading fast and usually, anti-semitism is not far away from these conspiracy theories. Organizations like Hope not Hate, while ostensibly working to counter so-called “hate speech” end up becoming part of an ever-encroaching influence of government on free speech and is particularly pervasive in the UK now.

It is now harder than ever to know what the truth really is. Donald Trump may have told many lies in his time, but when he termed much of the media “fake news”, he wasn’t that far off. Much of the mainstream media now has such a corporate influenced agenda, they are no longer able to be truly objective.

This article, of course, has some truth to it. There were some QAnon types around, some whacky ideas being put about, and yes, some conspiracy theories. That can be acknowledged, but the article frames it in a way that this was the majority of people there and by identifying them all now as some group of crazy conspiracy theorists, it diminishes and trivializes the legitimate concerns that people have and that so clearly need challenging. The UK government’s handling of the crisis is a shambles. From not protecting the elderly by allowing infected people back into the care homes, from not giving care home workers enough PPE to protect the elderly as well as themselves, to believing the inflated numbers of Neil Ferguson and Imperial College that have been so unreliable, and on and on. While the government can be initially forgiven for believing these experts because many others also believed them and that was their job, they have since only doubled down on the terrible lockdown strategy, essentially covering their own asses, when it was patently not working and now continuing the madness by threatening to re-lock down areas based on dodgy testing alone.

On top of that, they have given billions of pounds to drug companies to produce a vaccine, that may well not be needed and may well be dangerous if the rush for a vaccine is not checked. Also, given the fact that preparation for a pandemic of this nature has been in the works for many years it is not that far-fetched now to ask the question, who is benefitting from the perpetuation of a pandemic that is proving not to be any more fatal than a bad flu season. Some people, including the pharmaceutical industry and those in Big Tech companies are becoming much richer as a result and they are the ones that are paying the World Health Organization and also the salaries of some of our experts. To make this link does not make one a conspiracy theorist but more of a realist.

All of the above gives many people great concern and to simply write them off as conspiracy theorists does a disservice to the democratic rights of British people and further diminishes the credibility of an independent media. For further thoughts and analysis on the state of the British media and organizations that are influencing the way in which information is being disseminated in the UK today, go to 

Concerns and fears should not be focused just on a few crazy QAnon types and conspiracy minded individuals, but the nefarious agenda of organizations that are undermining freedom of speech and the last vestiges of a free press. This is the concern today in the UK and it is good if people become aware of this and look for objective channels for the news. Unfortunately, the BBC is no longer one of them.