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How Lockdowns Destroy Lives but Create the Surveillance Culture Orwell Feared

  • Teaser: It is obvious to a growing number of people that the lockdown strategy will kill more people than Covid19

It is obvious to a growing number of people that the lockdown strategy will kill more people than Covid19. When some sanity ideally returns to the world and we all take a good look around and see what governments did in the name of fighting Covid19, it will be seen that those who recommended the global lockdown are responsible for the deaths of millions of people and for the ruined lives of many millions more. The World Health Organization, Bill Gates and Dr Fauci in the USA, Dr Ferguson in the UK and the many other experts in each country that advocated to their governments to close their countries down based on faulty science and had an obsession with pandemics and vaccines should be held to account. It is either ignorance, malfeasance and/or greed.

Research done even in May was showing that the possible fall out from the global lockdown strategy may be devastating, especially in the developing world.

The Imperial College, London and Johns Hopkins Universities in the USA, two organizations in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic modelling and analysis did their own study on the consequences of Covid19 lockdown and stated that there will be an extra 6.3 million cases of TB because of lockdown and up to 1.3 million extra deaths.  (Remember global Covid19 deaths are in the range of 500,000-1 million – but we really don’t know for sure). Many years of public health work to address the T.B. crisis in much of Sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere may be profoundly impacted.

In South Africa, which enforced one of the strictest lockdowns of any country on its population of 58 million people, the government was being warned that the consequences of its rigid strategy may lead to up to 29 time more people dying from lockdown than Covid19. And this was based on the modelling that said between 46,000 and 88,000 people could die from Covid19. As of September 15th, the actual deaths in South Africa are 15,400, a significantly less percentage of deaths than found in Western Europe or the United States. South Africa has by far the most deaths in Africa, with the whole continent remaining basically unscathed by the pandemic. This has confounded many experts, and therefore questions the recommendations for countries to lockdown and the devastating effect on their economies. South Africa is only opening its borders as of October 1st, is now in a serious recession and having to borrow money from the International Monetary Foundation (IMF). Many other African countries are in the same boat. Was this another intention of locking down the world?

In Europe, many economies are now in serious recession. The UK economy may contract as much as 20%. In the USA, unemployment is now sky rocketing, costing the government many billions of dollars to keep the country afloat and putting the global economy on the rocks as a result. Vast amounts have been spent on drug, vaccine and testing programmes, literally handed over to big pharmaceutical and tech companies that will profit from this crisis, long after Covid19 has disappeared. The remaining coffers in many countries is simply being pilfered by governments and handing billions to drug companies and the super-rich. They are just printing money and giving it away. Why?

On top of this, we will be left with a surveillance apparatus in place that, unless is resisted by people throughout the world, will continue to be used to spy on citizens. Contact/tracing apps on millions of cell phones will continue to monitor people’s activities which will be supported by the 5G technology that is being unfolded in many countries during the Covid19 crisis. 5G is not about faster internet, it is about giving companies and governments the capacity for surveillance and capturing data, to monitor people’s behaviour and activities and to be used for such things as driverless cars, and everything else digital that we will be using. The Internet of Things (IOT). It’s about the ability to capture vast amounts of data that is inconceivable to most of us and that wasn’t even feasible 10 or 20 years ago. This information will be used as a commodity, to be studied, sold and utilized by the big tech companies. As the World Economic Forum founder, Dr Klaus Schwab has said, this type of technology will be part of an Economic Reset and as he outlined in his book, the 4th Industrial Revolution, the new technology, especially Artificial Intelligence will be an essential part of this revolution. The WEF use flowery, democratic language, but the subtext may be very different. A dystopian culture of permanent surveillance for the masses and mega rich elites running the world even more than they are today.

In the UK, the new contact/tracking apparatus is being rolled out. All businesses now have to have a QR code and people coming into the business have to show a QR code on their phone, so they can be tracked if need be. The code can only be put on newer versions of Apple or Android phones, so an alternative old fashion version of writing your name and number is meant to be available. However, people are already being turned away from places if they don’t have the phone. If you are in a pub, for example, and someone tests positive for Covid19, you may have to self-isolate and then get tested, which you may have to pay for. If you test positive, you continue self-isolation for 14 days.

Imagine that. Every time you go out, you show your phone at all the shops you go to and as soon as you are in the vicinity of someone who may test positive, you have to test and self -isolate. This is likely to degenerate into a state of utter chaos as if the virus continues to meander through society, even though most people won’t even know they are positive as they will have no symptoms, then everybody will have to self-isolate a lot of the time.

On top of this, we know that the PCR tests don’t even work. False positives are common so the whole process which is costing billions of dollars, conveniently going to private companies, often with nice links to government folk, will be useless. Chasing the virus high and low and trying to totally suppress its transference between people may be impossible, but in the meantime, it will continue to fundamentally destabilize normal life. You can’t suppress a virus unless everybody stays inside and away from each other.

Another insane comment - just one of the many thousands of our enlightened leaders have said - came from the Canadian Health Minister. She suggested that when making love, people should wear masks and avoid kissing. Why not go the whole way and wear a hazmat suit with a couple of holes in.? The insanity isn’t stopping the UK though. At the same time as Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary admitted that the PCR tests don’t work well, which is why they are not being rolled out at airports, the government is planning to spend up to £100 billion (2/3rd the total NHS budget) to have the ability to test millions of people every week. Presumably, health workers and other “frontline” workers will be tested all the time, even if healthy and symptomless.

How long can this go on. How much money can the Bank of England print before it all goes up in smoke as already it is being estimated that over 50% of small shops in the UK and USA will never open again. Millions of people will be permanently unemployed. They will be dependent on the state for their unemployment money. Already, millions of people are being paid to stay at home, on furloughs. That will be running out soon. Then what? As winter comes again and countries are contemplating further lockdowns to suppress the virus, which as we have seen is basically impossible, it could be a very long and hard winter.

In the UK, the Joint BioSecurity Centre has been involved in the ongoing strategy of the UK for renewed local lockdowns and now with the maximum of six gathering in one place. Local governments are doing their part now as well. In Wales, as of October, 60% of the population is in some form of renewed lockdown. This very dubious strategy, which is based solely on positive testing and not actual clinical cases, is only creating more challenges as people try and get back to a normal life. It has also been responsible for the sudden quarantine status given to many European countries, leaving tourists in Europe facing a 2-week quarantine on returning home, with very little warning given. Only 7 countries in the world are now exempt from being made to go into 14 days quarantine on arrival in the UK

Given all the evidence so far, it seems that this is now a deliberate agenda to keep the UK population in a state of anxiety and apprehension. The only reason is to keep the fear up until a vaccine is ready and the surveillance technologies are in place to have all citizens under permanent surveillance, perhaps through the threatened health immunity passports, which will be used as form of biometric I.D. with health, personal and financial information on. These passports make no sense at all, given that antibody tests are ineffective. They will only have relevance when (if) a vaccine is produced. However, that is not stopping the government getting them ready. It is classic operation to keep people confused and fearful, not knowing day to day what will be allowed or not, and along with the masks, a way to simply manipulate the populace into compliance. Am I being paranoid, falling into the conspiracy theorist label? We have to look at the facts and the evidence. The blatant suppression of alternative positions, the coercive laws that undermine all democratic rights, the dubious science with inflated figures constantly bombarding us. We are being played. Its that simple. Not everybody in government is in on it, but they are doing what they are told. Few are speaking out.

The UK is just one example. Similar things are happening in the USA, most of Europe and even in parts of Africa where biometric I.D. programmes have been rolled out over the last few years. India now has a universal biometric I.D. programme called Aadhaar, which Bill Gates has been involved with. Over 1 billion people now have their own biometric I.D, controlled by the Indian government and I.T. experts and there are plans to roll out a similar programme worldwide. It all sounds great, to give the poor their own I.D. but the shadow of government control and corporate manipulation and exploitation is never far away and the full implications have yet to be seen.

We all need to be very awake to what is happening now. Covid19 is now being used as a cover for restructuring of society, where surveillance and security apparatus are being put in place to control the populations everywhere. There is an extraordinary cohesion in this strategy, with very influential players in the world of commerce and politics being able to dictate a global strategy, using organizations like the World Health Organization as a public voice for their goals. Any legitimate fears of Covid19 have now been subsumed for the next phase of the operation. Rolling lockdowns for the next 6-12 months until the surveillance apparatus and vaccines are ready. We should be ready!