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Pseudopandemic: A Book Reivew: Part Four




  • Chapter 18: Pseudopandemic Motive; Chapter 19: Faith in the Eco-Dictatorship; Chapter 20: Behaviour Change; Chapter 21: Pseudopandemic Vaccines;

Summary: Governments have always looked for ways to better control populations, especially when of a totalitarian mindset. Today, with the technology available and the motives to seek ever greater control to prepare for radical change, many governments, including the UK, are busy putting in place the mechanisms of control to monitor and survey the population, using new legislation and controlling the media in an ever-tightening reign of control. It will be done now in the name of public health, sustainability and saving the planet.

As we move to Chapter18, Pseudopandemic Motive, the author explores more how the structures of power work, especially in the UK and the deeply undemocratic dynamics that maintain the power structures as they are and the way in which governments transfer tax payer’s money to private corporations. In the context of Covid 19, he mentions the OMD group in the UK, part of the US based Omnicom group, who were given £850 million by the UK government for the media campaign for their Covid strategies. Omnicom made profits of over $1 billion in 2020. The author describes the people invited to the annual Munich Security Conference, which included from the UK people connected to the British Royalty, MI6 and the 77th Brigade. Representatives from BMGF, Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), WEF, George Soros Open Society Foundation, Council on Foreign Relations, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Google and Facebook (including none other than Nick Clegg, previous Deputy PM and leader of the Liberal Democrats and now paid-up employee of Facebook living up the life in San Francisco). The author also mentions the presence of British civil servant Mark Sedwill, who was central in creating a unified and centralized policy control over many parts of the British Civil Service and Intelligence units, allowing a highly centralized control of the narrative of the pseudopandemic. Sedwill, for all his good work, then became special advisor to the bankers, Rothschild and Co, even though he had no banking experience.

The web described by the author is an example of the very structures of global control and influence that many people would say is not possible. There can’t be that level of cohesion and coordination by those who have power can there? Well, maybe there can. This refrain is the most common one from those to see a relatively small number of people and groups coordinating a global agenda. The Munich conference was held in February 2021, 4 weeks before the pandemic was announced by the WHO, and none less than the Director General of the WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus spoke at the conference. Already at that time, he described the infodemic and the need for all those at the conference to help control the narrative of Covid-19 to ensure the control of information and support the agenda of research, diagnostics and vaccines. (In reality they were only interested in vaccines). He asked all the medial companies to counter the spread of rumours and misinformation. Again, this is February 2020, when only a handful of cases had been seen outside China. Tedros beseeched the attendees to be united and in solidarity to do the right thing. The author describes the very strange way in which Tedros described what needs to be done, to avoid “stigma and hate.” This is yet more evidence of the plans afoot and the fact that Tedros felt the need to emphasize the need to control the narrative, even before the pandemic had been called, shows how transparent they were in their agenda to ensure that only the planned pandemic narrative that the WHO was going to emphasize needed to be controlled and manipulate to their benefit.

The author superbly deconstructs the narrative of communitarian thinkers, who he says naively believe that communitarian concepts like civil society can counterbalance the dictates and manipulations of the GPPP. It needs to be read and it puts in perspective the challenges we all face in confronting the behometh of the GPPP agenda.

In Chapter 19, Faith in Eco-Dictatorship, the author links together many of the players engaged in the goal of “creating the future”, in the form of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), AKA Chatham House, one of the oldest and deepest “think tank” groups on the planet, originally founded by none other than the arch British imperialist Cecil Rhodes. The list of members includes government apparatchiks from all over the planet and the usual liquorice all-sorts of NGOs, philanthropic organizations, intelligence groups, banking interests, Big Pharma and the like. The list is endless but, in the end, predictable. What is fascinating now is how these very behemoths of finance, medicine, politics and philanthropy are suddenly falling over themselves with concerns for the future of the planet, the word GREEN being used for every suggested policy initiative possible. He further deconstructs the true agenda behind the New Green Deal, involving the financialization of all the planet’s natural resources, the “carbonization” of everything and the financial tricks being played to reorder the global economy in order to suit the agenda of those in power. It seems to have nothing to do with saving the planet but all to do with giving those with power and control even more power and control. Covid is the distraction and also the justification to now roll out this agenda. So next time you hear the word “sustainable development goals” being mentioned, realize it has little to do with true sustainability of the planet and all to do with the sustainability of power.

If this seems too far-fetched and “conspiratorial”, reading these chapters alone is very persuasive. The darkest part of this chapter though is how the author points out that in all the policy initiatives and think tank talking points, with “net zero carbon emissions, “carbon neutral” and “green power” being mentioned, it seems to ignore the fact that it is not achievable with the current global population. We can’t green our power production to produce enough electricity or produce enough solar panels or electric cars without radical changes, which, according to the author may involve having many less people on the planet than we currently do today. In the end, all the rhetoric from the folk that are part of the RIIA is one where the only conclusion one can come to is that having less people on the planet is the only way to save the planet and by the way, all the impending Artificial Intelligence will make the need for millions of workers obsolete! There will be no jobs in their Brave New World. The question is therefore, what is going to happen to all the “excess” populations. When people are now talking about going “net zero” by about 2030, how is that possible with the current population?

The RIIA even produced a document and video called Futurescape – What London will look like in 100 years, which, in the most strange way, gives away their vision of the future, which seems to involve having not so many people on the planet and where everything you do is utterly controlled. There is no money, but “carepounds”, a government certified cryptocurrency earned by social contributions and time spent on community projects.” And that is in 2035. It gets worse after that!

He also analyses the UK situation with food production and how we in the UK are totally dependent on food imports. He mentions the Agriculture Act 2020, which created the “Environmental Land Management Scheme” (ELMS), which in a nutshell pays farmers to NOT produce food, but to preserve the land to placate supposed climate change threats. This is also apparently happening in the USA and elsewhere. Food production is being stopped, all in the name of saving the planet. The author gives more example where State Franchises AKA national governments are using the mantra of saving the planet through things such as “Green Finance”. The UK government established “The UK Centre for Greening Finance” where they will use computer models to advise banks, businesses and others regarding strategies for investment to help combat climate change. The City of London, along with the UK Franchise, set up the “Green Finance Institute”, to channel global finance for local solutions to climate change. They support the “Greening of Global Finance”, which will require massive amounts of money. That money will have to be created from thin air, but eventually the debts will trickle down, as always, to the poor people paying for all of it. But in theory, the planet will be saved and it will all be worth it - if we are alive to see it! And that is where the “Green Bond Market” will come in and where the massive amount of money to be made in this new market will be funnelled. And if businesses can’t or won’t comply to any of the green mandates that will be imposed on them by governments, they will simply go out of business. That had already been stated by the ex-Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney. The implications of this are that for thousands of small to medium companies, they won’t be able to function and will go out of business. The cost of doing business will simply be too high. And this is all part of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), that wonderful sounding, idealistic UN agenda to save the planet. Therefore, millions of jobs could be lost as large companies and the ever-evolving AI robotics take over these jobs. This model was outlined by PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC) in their document “Workplace of the Future.” Other studies and models of the future of work are saying the same thing. Automation and AI will leave millions out of work, dependant on state handouts for survival, maybe in the form of Universal Basic Income, which no doubt will come with conditions attached. Deutsche bank in one report discussed the evolution of an “eco-dictatorship” that may be necessary if the net zero goals are to be achieved, with much higher prices for power in order to control consumption. The author says that the biosecurity state being put in place since Covid-19 is likely one of the main mechanisms of control that could be used to maintain order and control as the global economy takes on the massive austerity to be dictated by a carbon neutral economic and political agenda.

What also has to be made clear, which the author does very clearly, is how the whole structure of Climate Change politics, which was initially constructed in the Kyoto Protocol allows big companies and powerful nations many loopholes to avoid actually reducing their carbon output through carbon trading, which involves mechanisms of exchange so that one can exchange or buy one’s way out of any limits on emissions. This greatly favours the powerful nations and companies and limits smaller nations to comply with rigid carbon emission guidelines, therefore inhibiting economic growth for many nations. It allows those who can afford it to earn carbon credits in very dubious “sustainable energy projects”, thereby offsetting their carbon limits and allowing them ultimately to carry on business as usual. Evidence shows that those who are and will be suffering the most are poorer countries and the farmers who work in them. The exploitation of farmers and traditional ways of farming is being seen today most graphically in India in the last year and the current policies of the Indian government, leading to massive demonstrations for many months as the farmers see their livelihood being taken away from them. As the author points out, the potential corruption in the whole validation and certification of “green” projects is huge, allowing companies and countries to be granted carbon credits for doing virtually nothing. Or, for getting carbon credits for planting trees which prevents farmers accessing land to produce food and make a living. In India, a company running coal power stations was given carbon credits which allowed them to build yet more coal power stations!

Mark Carney, ex Director of the Bank of England is now the UN Special Envoy for Climate Change and Finance and he has made it clear at the Green Horizon Summit in November 2020, which was convened with the City of London, The Green Finance Institute and the World Economic Forum that there is a need to develop a “robust, voluntary carbon market.” In essence this is the mechanism to fund the move toward a new financial and industrial model, a post-carbon world where all the advantages will be maintained by existing financial and industrial interests and the developing world, small companies and countries will be left high and dry. It will take vast amounts of money to achieve this profound shift in the industrial, economic and financial models, which will be achieved through the issuing of “green bonds.” It is worth quoting the author in some detail here, who summarizes the game in a very clear way:

A bond is effectively an i.o.u (fixed income instrument) which the issuer (borrower) offers in exchange for investment from the lender (creditor.) Bond issuers, such as State franchises, financial institutions like the World Bank and global corporations, issue bonds to raise finance for large scale projects. This enables them to fund operations which a single lender might be unable to finance alone.

State franchise bonds have their own names. US bonds are Treasuries, in the UK they are "gilt-edged securities," or simply gilts, and in Germany they are Bunds.

The bond will have a maturity date, called the principle, which determines when the bond (loan agreement) must be repaid to the lender. This maturity will offer a fixed interest payment to the lender. The interest received, either as a series of scheduled payments (coupons) during the loan period or a fixed repayment when the bond matures, is called the bond yield. Consequently, bonds are considered fixed income securities and can be traded on the bond markets. They are a form of asset.

Bonds can be bought by a wide variety of professional investors. Corporate bonds can be bought directly by insurance companies, pension funds, banks or private venture capitalists etc. State franchise bonds are auctioned to primary dealers. The primary dealers in the UK are called Guilt Edged Market Makers [52">Green Bond [53">fossil fuel investments [54">how we should be primed [8">Trusted News Summit. This took advantage of the Chatham House rule and, according to then BBC Director General Tony Hall, the meeting was held "behind closed doors." The BBC formed a global media alliance with The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Facebook, the Financial Times, First Draft, Google, The Hindu, The Wall Street Journal (News Corp), AFP, CBC/Radio-Canada, Microsoft, Reuters and Twitter.

They agreed to collaborate and to take collective action against whatever they decided to label as “disinformation”. They also committed to disseminating official truth on command. Claiming information was a threat to people's lives and that outright censorship was a democratic principle, they decided to “move quickly to undermine any information they wished to censor. They were especially eager to have fast and responsive information control. They formed a global rapid response “Trusted News” cartel.

The author continues: The WHO's Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is their behavioural insights team . The WHO announced the formation of their behavioural change unit one month prior to declaring the pseudopandemic. Speaking in August 2020 the WHO Director General said:

"In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are using a range of tools to influence behaviour: Information campaigns are one tool, but so are laws, regulations, guidelines and even fines.. That’s why behavioural science is so important. It helps us to understand how people make decisions, so we can support them to make the best decisions."

Within weeks of establishing TAG the WHO had not only evaluated all the metrics of the claimed infodemic, they had formulated a policy response, financed and completed the necessary research and, in April 2020, published a recommended global strategy called Managing the COVID - 19 Infodemic [14].

These quotes were put in to give a taste of the analysis the author makes in showing how deliberate the media campaign has been during the pseudopandemic and how the core conspirators and informed influencers conspired together to control the narrative and manipulate opinion to achieve their objectives, which had nothing to do with the actual virus and its impact. Members of the WHO TAG team is a veritable directory of informed influencers who have walked many corridors of power and influence. It is no different in the UK itself and now one sees a growing link between public health and the climate change narrative, with people like Patrick Valance, the UK Chief Scientific Officer being made Chief Scientific Advisor of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). In the UK, former Health Secretary Matt Hancock, formed the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). He stated: "I want everybody at UKHSA, at all levels, to wake up every day with a zeal to plan for the next pandemic."

The UKHSA takes over the function of Public Health England, NHS Test and Trace and will oversee the Joint Biosecurity Centre. It seems now that the planning for the next pandemic is going to be like planning for when it is next going to rain in the UK. What becomes clear from the author’s research is how much planning and preparation has gone into preparing the propaganda campaign, or as it called, the psy-ops campaign to control the Covid narrative, suppress any dissenting opinions and manipulate the emotions of people who will then be willing to accept whatever dictates come down the pike. So far, they have succeeded quite well and now with increasing the volume on the imminent climate change crisis, they have been able to distract many people who would normally question the motives of government and big pharma. Much of the soft/left concerned with environmental issues and overall wellbeing of humanity have been manipulated into believing much of what is being given to them in the MSM.

In establishing the UKHSA, the government stated: "The threats we face in future will be different; from new infectious diseases, new environmental threats or biohazards, to new behavioural challenges. So too will the opportunities to do more about them, through use of new technologies, analytics, cutting edge science and personalised behavioural approaches." Could it be any clearer how the government is going to proceed from now on? The author then describes how the government, through the UKHSA will work with other private partners to help “restructure the global economic order.” They will “"Harness the power of technology and innovation for public health, investing in critical capabilities in data science, digital, behavioural science, and genomics. We need to consider how best to engage with citizens and drive behaviour change in the 21st century."” Is this becoming clearer now what their agenda is?

The author deconstructs the way in which the so-called “variants” have been used to maintain the pressure, focusing again on the negative and manipulating the agenda to perpetuate the fear and lockdown strategies. It is clear that variants of common viruses happen all the time and it is simply part of the evolution of any viral epidemic. The variants are no more dangerous or contagious than other ones. This is all made up to continue the fear. Also, natural immunity after exposure to SARS COV 2 will give a good immunity to all possible variants, which are only slightly different in nature to the original infection. So, all the hype about the variants is just that, hype. Or shall we say, lies!

The UKHSA has formed a partnership with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, National Center for Epidemic Forecasting and Outbreak Analysis. The UKHSA created the Centre for Pandemic Preparedness (CPPP) and the New Variant Assessment Programme. So, expect a variant at a local venue near you soon and perhaps more rolling lockdowns to follow!!

Chapter 21, Pseudopandemic Vaccines, begins by stating that great British statesman, Tony Blair. Not content to have the blood of over 1 million Iraqis killed because of his lies to the British electorate and the British parliament over the Iraq War, Blair now thinks it a good idea to lock up people who decide, of their own volition, not to be vaccinated with an experimental drug that hasn’t even passed formal trials yet and which no “gold standard” double blind control trials were ever done, and with little published evidence of efficacy. The fact that the drug companies stopped all placebo control trials raised many eyebrows but not enough to stop the vaccine roll out. However, the vaccine didn’t seem like such a good idea to millions of Brits and others around the world, much to the frustration of Demagogues like Blair. Blair has his own organization, the Institute for Global Change, which like the Clinton Foundation and the BMGF, is simply another deep state organization pretending to care about the world.

What has become clear is that various governments who gave emergency use authorization (EUA) for the vaccine didn’t even read the interim studies given to them by the drug companies which were needed to be studied before giving authorization. The author reveals how it seems in the UK the MHRA didn’t even read it!! The same appears to have happened in Australia. The vaccines, which are not actually vaccines but gene therapies that don’t actually work in preventing one getting Covid-19, but evidence is growing daily that they are killing and maiming many people. Whether one uses the US VAERS system, the UK MHRA Yellow Card or the European Eudravigilance system, even the State Franchises have to admit that there are serious harms being done.

Yet, as the author reveals this does not stop the propaganda machine rolling on, producing statistics showing how well the “vaccine” works and how many lives it saves, while admitting it doesn’t stop a person getting Covid or preventing transmission. The fact is, we have been sold a lie that Covid is a massive killer, which it is not, that lockdowns and other restrictions work, which they don’t, and that vaccines are needed, which they are not. The next step is the “need” for biometric ID to monitor us, and not only our vaccine status, but everything. The author finishes the chapter by quoting Tony Blair again and how biometric ID will be needed to participate in normal life again. Now we know what that would look like. It is not nice!!