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Why I choose not to take a Covid-19 "vaccine"

  • Teaser: Is the vaccine for Covid-19 actually a "vaccine" as it doesn't seem to prevent people getting the disease or spreading it. We don't know its long term effects and the technology being used has never been used before and is now being imposed on the world's population. Should be questioning this?

Why I choose not to take a Covid-19 vaccine


We are in the middle of a race to vaccinate as many people on the planet as possible, to save us from the ravages of Covid-19. Governments, worldwide, are giving all resources possible to get vaccines to all adults and now to children. Those who are choosing not be vaccinated are being pressured in many ways and even offered money in the USA. Other countries prefer coercion, threats (shame and blame) and propaganda campaigns. Are those who choose not to be vaccinated selfish, deviant, ignorant, social misfits as being portrayed? If the vaccine is so essential and really works, would many millions of people really refuse to take it. Or would they do the “right thing” for themselves and others. Is there more to this story not being shared by governments worldwide?

I choose not be vaccinated because I have not been persuaded that the vaccines are safe, effective or necessary. Governments and their allies have not persuaded me that it is the right thing to do. We know they are not yet safe because they are currently still in phase 3 experimental trials, where long-term safety is being reviewed. No-one knows that they are safe at this point. No-one, whatever we are being told. We are now experimenting with these vaccines on children, before we know the long-term effects! Why are we taking this risk with our children, especially when there is very little risk of them getting sick and there is relatively little threat of Covid-19 to the young and healthy population.

So far, there is little evidence of the effectiveness of the vaccines. At best they prevent more serious symptoms in those most susceptible and sick. They don’t prevent infection and they don’t stop transmission. This is the admitted position even from the drug industry. Also, evidence from Israel is showing that immunity begins to wane after 3-6 months. So, Pfizer is already beginning to give booster doses in Israel and has applied for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the USA, which was even initially refused by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Before finishing one phase, they are now moving to another phase. What does this mean? Will people need to be vaccinated 2-3 times a year? And for how long?

Are the vaccines really necessary? Is Covid-19 killing broad swathes of the population – young, old, healthy, weak, all cultures and peoples across the planet. It seems not. The only group that Covid-19 affects in a serious way in any great number are the unhealthy (having what is called co-morbidities) and elderly. The young and the healthy have literally no statistical risk to die or even become seriously ill. None! So why vaccinate all of those people, including children? If the vaccines really worked, then healthy unvaccinated people would not be a risk to the vaccinated. The unvaccinated are now being blamed for spreading the various variants to vaccinated people, but even in mainstream media (MSM) it is now admitted that sick vaccinated and unvaccinated people spread the disease the same. It makes no difference. It is not just the unvaccinated getting sick in the USA, contrary to what the MSM says. That is simply propaganda.

We are told Covid-19 has killed millions across the world. However, what has happened in the last 18 months is that Covid-19 has been blamed for the deaths of millions when many died of something else, not Covid. They may have had a positive test but they were already sick. They would likely have died anyway. The main group that has died are elderly people in care homes and they died as infected people were put back into the care homes, to give space in hospitals, but without any precautions being taken, or even being tested to make sure those in care homes were protected. As a result, many more elderly died because of government policy, not just Covid-19. Last year (2020) the flu suddenly disappeared and didn’t kill anybody. All deaths are now due to Covid. Also, death certificate regulations were changed, (with guidance from the World Health Organization) to allow “suspected”, even untested or negative covid-19 tested, if it “looked like” they had Covid. Many thousands of deaths were attributed to Covid when there was no evidence of such. The figures are therefore meaningless. On top of that, overall excess mortality (the extra numbers of ALL deaths in a year), are no higher in 2020-21 than in many other years in the 21st century. So, the impact of Covid-19 is not that much greater than other “winter flu” seasons.

Now, in July/August 2021, we are NOT hearing about hospitalizations and mortalities much, because they are few overall. Hospitals are mostly under occupied. But we are hearing about cases and positive tests. RT-PCR tests, are the “gold standard” of SARS-COV-2 testing, but in fact, they largely don’t work, whatever we are being told. The testing requires a process of amplification of the material taken from a person in order to measure it. However, if the amplification is over 30 times, the chances of “false positives” in the tests are high. This is known and yet routinely in many countries, amplification was done between 30-50 times. It means the results are incorrect. Most PCR positive results are therefore “false positive”. The WHO suggested reducing the cycle threshold (amplification) process only recently since the vaccine has been introduced, it would seem to make the vaccine look more effective. The WHO cannot be said to be impartial here. Organizations and governments supporting the WHO are deeply invested in vaccines. The WHO is not an impartial organization simply doing the right thing for humanity. It is highly politicised.

The only people who should be tested are those people with symptoms that look like Covid-19 and that could infect other people e.g., in care-homes, hospitals, large group situations. All others should self-isolate and take appropriate treatment. All we hear now are the numbers of cases and the supposed variants of the virus, which could be occurring because of the vaccines themselves. Variants are being found a lot in countries with high vaccine levels e.g., Israel. Why? Some doctors are very afraid that the vaccinated are now more susceptible to “reinfection” from variants and will get even more sick than before. It may be that vaccinated people, with only a narrow level of immunity from the vaccine, which is also waning within 6 months, will be much more vulnerable to subsequent variants than unvaccinated people who have been exposed to the virus and have developed a broader immunity.

Most cases are now simply positive tests of healthy people. They are mixing positive tests of SARS-COV-2 with cases of COVID-19. It is not the same thing. And yet, we continue to routinely test healthy people, including children in schools, every week, who show no symptoms of illness at all, and with tests that are not accurate. It makes no sense.

All the lockdowns, social distancing, masks and ongoing restrictions are based on 2 main things – 1) an increase in new cases (which is really an increase in positive tests because of an increase in testing healthy people and 2) the notion that asymptomatic people can spread the virus to other people, especially vulnerable people. But there is NO evidence that asymptomatic people spread the disease. NONE. To think that perfectly healthy people are such a risk to vulnerable people that they have to be locked up for months on end is simply insane (unless the whole point of this operation is to lock people down). It flies against all common sense and yet is a central justification for the lockdown of healthy people and the wearing of masks, which has no scientific justification.

The consequence of ongoing lockdowns cannot be overstated: a devasted global economy, millions put on edge of hunger, massive increase in deaths due to other causes, including all other diseases that health services have been ignoring e.g., TB in Africa, Cancer in western countries. The healthcare systems in Europe alone have been eviscerated. People can’t see doctors now and so much money has been given to address Covid-19 (contact tracing apps, vaccine research etc) that all other health care resources are now being neglected. The economic consequences are leading to an increase in poverty which only increases child mortality. Children are now on the front-line of the impact of this strategy – school closures for many months, wearing masks in schools and now being tested for SARS-COV-2 weekly, even when healthy and with no symptoms. The damage this will do mentally and physically to children is unconscionable. There is no science to prove lockdowns work and deaths from lockdown are likely much higher than Covid-19 deaths. Even mainstream channels are admitting this.


Why are governments making such mistakes and are willing to bring the world economy to a halt and trample on the essential liberties of the people by locking them down for months? Surely, they will suffer in the long run too by destroying the economies of the world and creating untold suffering. It is not in their self-interest to perpetuate this situation any further, even if they believed in the original narrative of the possible global threat of SARS-COV-2. We want to believe that governments are independent and essentially benevolent, if dysfunctional. However, the ongoing strategies of governments in imposing rolling lockdowns, other social restrictions, increasing surveillance and the imminent threat of vaccine passports with profound restrictions on all the unvaccinated (who have a legal right to choose) seems to be saying something else. There are 3 major factors now influencing the agenda of governments, all intertwined, which are being influenced by corporations, powerful non-government players and other organizations. They are the following:

  • 1) Vaccines: Drug companies have been seeking ways of introducing new vaccines (especially for adults) for some time. Particularly in the USA, where children are given more vaccines than anywhere else in the world, they have been obsessed with giving all adults and children an annual flu shot, even when they know any benefit is marginal. Mandatory flu shots have been threatened for some time. Drug companies and governments tried to make a new vaccine when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a swine flu “pandemic” in 2009, but the vaccine didn’t work and harmed people. The WHO were also soundly condemned for their “fake” pandemic warning as it proved to be false. Very few died. They had even changed the definition of a pandemic, not requiring deaths but just incidence of disease, to make it easier to call one out. In 2002/3, a new vaccine was produced for SARS-COV-1 but it killed many animals in trials and had to be stopped. Will it be any different now? Thousands have already died from the vaccines and millions injured. This is a fact and yet we can’t question vaccines. They are a sacred part of public health. The default narrative is “the more vaccines, the better.” You can’t even argue that some vaccines may be more useful than others. On top of that, all alternative solutions to prevent and treat Covid-19 have been ignored or suppressed, even including the use of Vit D. The WHO also changed their definition of “herd immunity” in 2019 stating that it only happens due to a vaccine and not from natural herd immunity, which has been the foundation of evolutionary immunity since the beginning of life. Humans developed herd immunity to many diseases before vaccines were ever produced. What has changed? It is very likely that the natural immunity achieved through exposure to SARS-COV-2 will give much a stronger and longer immunity than achieved through any vaccine. Millions of people already have antibodies to the virus without even knowing they were infected. Natural immunity is much better than temporary vaccine immunity for the majority of people.


  • 2) Control: We are now seeing more and more pressure to issue a form of “vaccine passport”. This is the next phase. If anything written above is true, then making vaccine passports a requirement or even essential for normal life is a profound infringement of fundamental rights – freedom of movement and freedom of speech. To support this agenda means the willingness to support the strategy of limiting the inalienable rights of a significant percentage of the world’s population, to make them virtually 2nd class citizens. Those who choose not to be vaccinated, because their conscience dictates this, will no longer be normal citizens. Are we willing to throw away these rights for a disease that doesn’t threaten the vast majority of the planet? It seems many governments are willing to do that because its not about a vaccine passport per se. It’s about control in the form of biometric identification that will have a person’s whole history on it, an I.D. whose information will likely be in hands of private organizations in spite of any reassurances to the contrary and will be used to control people in all ways. Why now? Because they can. The technology is there now and has been slowly rolled before Covid, even in Africa. It is part of a technocratic revolution that is seeking control of all levels of society. The impulse of governments to impose ever greater control over a population is always there. But until now it was tempered by law and democratic legacy in many countries, as well as technological limitations. However, Covid-19 has lifted the lid off this. It’s now full steam ahead for ever more control. Western countries have been keeping a close eye on the developments in China, with their “social credit” system and using technology to maintain a tight control on their people. This is the model that will likely be followed everywhere. So, this is about control for governments and those that back them. Its not about Covid-19 now and even not about the vaccines. It’s about total control. That is why we are seeing such unprecedented censorship and propaganda from the mainstream media.

The unfortunate fact is that now in 2021, most governments of the world have revealed themselves to be so under the influence of big corporations and other powerful influencers that they are doing their bidding and not the people’s. Therefore, they are breaking the moral social contract they have with the people in the process. In these times of Covid, governments have shown that by pursing ongoing lockdowns and justifying this with exaggerated statements of the risk of Covid-19, they are serving the interests of the pharmaceutic industry and other elites who are financially benefitting from this crisis. It is well-known that the world’s richest individuals and corporations have only got richer in the last 18 months while the rest of the global population has got poorer.

  • 3) Money: The global economic system is in very bad shape. It started seriously after the 2008 sub-prime mortgage crisis which nearly brought the global economy to a halt and it’s even worse now. Governments have simply printed volumes of cash, to the tune of trillions of dollars (quantitative easing) to pay for the lockdowns and in the process have created so much debt (to the taxpayers of the world) that it can never be repaid. The rich have simply benefitted from this while the poor and middle class are now dependent on government handouts. The economic impact is devastating and now the global financial system will be “restructured” by financial corporations (central banks) and backed by governments. They need the people to be in a controlled “lockdown” situation, where they no longer have the freedom to resist this “reset” of the world’s economy. I hope I am wrong but that is how it seems.


  • I choose not be vaccinated because I cannot believe that governments are telling the truth and have our interests at heart any longer. Governments are serving global corporations that have their own interests and not ours.
  • Science has been profoundly compromised and largely bought out. When people say “follow the science”, it means very little today. You cannot believe what you are told by scientists, many of whom are in the pay of powerful corporations.
  • Most of what we read now in the mainstream corporate media is manipulated to serve a certain group of people and governments. The news is no longer the news.
  • I reserve my inalienable right to decide what is best for my body.
  • I cannot give up that intrinsic right and governments and private corporations cannot dictate what a person does with their own body.
  • Parents have the right to decide what is best for their children, not governments or drug companies. Children have every right to access education free from the tyranny of mandated vaccines.  
  • If we give up these inalienable rights, they are unlikely to be given back to us.
  • It is crucial that enough people stand firm to their deepest principles, resist the imposition of medical experiments and any restrictions that go with this agenda.
  • It is imperative that people wake up to the truth of what is happening and seek solidarity in numbers.
  • We now need to find ways to live together more cooperatively and support each other both economically and socially in our communities. We can create true local democracies outside the impositions of a centrally controlled government. This is an opportunity to restructure how we want to live in a free society in the future.  We can save democracy and ensure our individual autonomy is not taken away. Its NOW.

References: It is important that everybody does their own research and make their own minds up on this topic. I could be accused of not citing specific sources for my conclusions but at this point, it makes no difference. The mainstream narrative, back by governments, mainstream, “fact-checkers”, social media companies, big pharma and global corporations, including NGO’s and “philanthropic” are saying one thing. Many, many others are saying another. We all have on obligation to make sense of “the science” ourselves and not simply believe what we hear and are told. Decisions we make for ourselves and our family will depend on this. The following is a list of sites and organizations that are working to show that there are different ways of looking at what is happening and different treatments available, without the “vaccine agenda” being the only solution.

Doctors working on frontline in treating Covid-19 in the USA.

An international group of doctors exploring the consequences of government’s policies, challenging the vaccine narrative and the dubious “science” being put forward.

A group of New Zealand doctors, dentists and scientists challenge their government’s position on Covid-19 policies.

A group of UK based doctors and other professionals who are questioning the conventional narrative on Covid-19 strategies, including vaccinations for children and attempting to counter the one-sided debate and active censorship of different positions.


UK organization that deconstruct the lies and manipulations of the UK in exaggerating and manufacturing the crisis for political ends.


UK based news channel that, amongst other things, explores many of the underlying agendas of those influencing the Covid-19 policies in the UK and worldwide.

Alliance for Natural Health. A UK based organization that looks at a natural health approach to health challenges, including Covid-19.