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Homeopathy - Tales From The Road

Healing Lyme Disease Naturally - A book review Part Two

  • Teaser: Natural options to treat Lyme symptoms
When the author was bitten and contracted Lyme disease, it was real enough though. However, having already had bad effects from using antibiotics for Dengue fever in the past ( a viral disease), he chose not to go that route and cited his road to cure...

A COVID-19 Vaccine – Is it the solution?

  • Teaser: Bill Gates and World Leaders have said for many months that a vaccine is the "only" solution. Is this true or just revealing their own agenda
 The Challenge and The Questions In the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, world health experts and politicians are united in the crucial need for a COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of the estimated 18-month time line to production, which for...